Metabolic Syndrome/PreDiabetes in Overweight Kids: Diabetes and Heart Disease Risk Quantified

Topics: Child Obesity, Diabetes, Hypertension, Metabolic Syndrome

New research on pediatric obesity reported by the American Academy of Pediatrics now shows that 4.2% of all teens have what was thought to be an adult disease: metabolic syndrome, or pre diabetes.

About 30% of adults have metabolic syndrome. Related to insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome combines a low HDL, high triglyceride count, high waist:hip ratio, borderline high blood pressure and high blood sugar. Just 3 of these 5 are needed for the diagnosis.

The treatment? A sound eating plan, weight management, and fitness. One-on-one medical assistance, instead of large groups, often helps kids build self-esteem and involves the parents. Learn more today.

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