Landmark Study: Treatment of Pediatric and Adolescent Obesity

Topics: Child Obesity

Drs. Yanovski, funded by the NIH, comments on 2 leading articles in the Journal of the AMA.

One is from colleagues at the UC San Diego and its hospitals, showing that the quality of life of obese adolescents is equivalent to those with cancer. Stark terms but absolutely accurate…and preventable.

The other is from researchers and scholars at the University of Pennsylvania, using sibutramine for overweight adolescents. Their study showed that those adolescents who dieted, increased their activity and took the centrally-acting (read: brain chemical modifying) medication lost twice the weight as those who simply dieted and exercised. Unfortunately, it was only a 6 month study—those kids will need new habits to go along with their new medication. But it’s a good start–get started with new habits with your family, get more information and action.

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