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Why It Is So Confusing to Eat Right: the Case of Prostate Cancer and Milk.

By DrLaPuma 16 years agoNo Comments
Home  /  Cancer  /  Why It Is So Confusing to Eat Right: the Case of Prostate Cancer and Milk.
Dr John La Puma

It’s no wonder people are confused about how to get what’s healthy on their plates.
Sure, most people know
*fruits/vegetables/beans/whole grains, good
*Snicker Salad/deep-fried pickles/energy drinks and soda, bad

But after that, then what? Take dairy, for example.

It’s well-established that high dairy and calcium intake seem to increase the risk of prostate cancer. And high calcium intake especially may increase the risk of fatal prostate cancer.

Not that dairy and calcium are all bad. Lowfat dairy is an important part of lowering blood pressure, it seems, and its Vitamin D prevents osteoporosis and hip fracture.

But not all dairy is alike. And the distinctions are new.

A new 70000+ men study shows that high fat dairy is protective against prostate cancer, and low fat dairy is not–and actually increases risk, for low grade tumors.

Why might this be?

It is not the calcium, vitamin D or other vitamins and minerals: they are the same in all dairy milk, and vitamin D is added at the dairy, not by the cow.

Perhaps it is the hormones in whole milk, which are fat soluble. They are largely estrogens and progesterones. Other female hormones like those that release luteinizing hormone are modern hormonal pharmaceutical treatment for prostate cancer.

When the fat is skimmed from the milk, you get nonfat milk. Perhaps what is left is androgenic, and promotes the growth of prostate cancer.

Should baby boomers back off lowfat products, and start chugging whole fat bottles with the cream on top?

This is why nutrition is confusing. It’s complicated!

Here is what is easy: fill your plate half full with vegetables to start.

Make sure you are enjoying what you are eating, and that you are really tasting it.

And you will be on your way to preventing and controlling what ails you.

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