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Why I Wrote the New ChefMD’s Big Book, Plus Video

By DrLaPuma 16 years agoNo Comments
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Dr John La Puma

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In early 2007, Nicholas Genes interviewed me for Medscape about blogging, which not all physicians have taken to eagerly. He writes well and started Grand Rounds: read his blogborygmi. He asked:

“Dr. Genes: Do you ever run into trouble when you headline a post with something like “strawberries are helpful for joint pain”? Do you get irate letters from disappointed arthritic patients who had been hoping for a miracle?

Dr. La Puma: My job is to help people choose what’s good for them. When you tell patients that strawberry extracts have been shown to inhibit COX enzymes, or that donut glaze is sweetened Crisco and that it raises non-HDL cholesterol, or that fish oil lowers triglyceride levels, patients love it and want to know and do more.

My patients are smart; they know that a strawberry isn’t an ibuprofen tablet, and that too many of either will make them sick. But if they have a chance of doing something good for themselves besides taking their medication, with a simple change of food, they jump. It’s confidence-building and easy.

Dr. Genes: On the other extreme, do you find that some doctors criticize or dismiss your approach because you didn’t go straight to labs, imaging, and meds? Or because you’re citing less well-known, maybe smaller studies, perceived as out-of-the-mainstream?

Dr. La Puma: As long as the peer-reviewed science we cite is solid, most physicians understand that I am trying to motivate people to control their own health and be responsible for what they choose. You really can improve your energy level, your sleep, your wound healing, and your quality of life with what you eat.”

This new book helps you make look and feel better and healthier, just with what you eat. Enjoy!

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