Vitamin D and Nuts: Protection Against Prostate Cancer

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If you live above a line drawn between Los Angeles and Atlanta, your skin doesn’t make enough active Vitamin D for your “proofreader gene” to work optimally between November and April. And that means, for men, greater risk for prostate cancer.

According a Harvard study, men with higher levels of vitamin D in their blood were almost half as likely to develop aggressive forms of prostate cancer as those with lower amount. The best sources: milk, soymilk, and fortified cereals. BecauseVitamin D comes from the dairy, not the cow, cereals are the best source–or high quality supplements. You need vitamin D3 – 400 IU per day for adults and children, and age 71 and older need at least 600 IU (15 ug) daily.

Other research shows that men given 200 mcg/d of yeast-based Selenium (JAMA 1996;276:1957�63) protected against prostate cancer if they had low levels. Most men should take 2 Brazil nuts (about 200 mcg) per day. Try Unsalted Brazil Nuts.