Obesity and Cancer: New Research Data

Topics: Cancer, Obesity and Weight Loss

“In women, up to 7% of all cancers in the county are attributable to overweight and obesity, with a larger effect on endometrial (up to 30%), colon (20%) and ovarian (22%) cancers.”

“Up to 18% of melanoma cases among women and 30% of kidney cancers in men could also be attributed to BMI [body mass index] above the normal range,” write the authors of a study of 70,000 people, diet and cancer, from the International Agency for Research on Cancer and universities in Sweden and the United States.

Why? Because of sex steroids. Reduced progesterone synthesis in premenopausal women and more estrogens post-menopause seem to shift the balance in hormone-related cancers.

But this isn’t destiny. You can make a difference in your own health by being pro-active, having a plan, and sticking to it. Find a partner to help.