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Nutrigenomics: Soylent or Precision Nutrition?

By DrLaPuma 6 years agoNo Comments
Home  /  Cancer  /  Nutrigenomics: Soylent or Precision Nutrition?

In my recent webinar “Nutrigenomics and Your Health” for MorganStanley, and whether it is precision nutrition or Soylent or from Soylent Green or something else, about 600 associates phoned in to hear me talk about the subject…and it’s fascinating, promising and yet still in the research and development phase.

I’ve uploaded a curated version of the slides to Slideshare, so you can learn more quickly. But to get individual advice, you’ll want to speak with your own physician, genetic counselor or clinician.

Many of the questions asked after the talk were probing and precise: what’s the best probiotic for my particular condition? Is there a best specific diet to prevent a specific cancer? How should I interpret my 23andme results, coming to me shortly? Do my enzymes and bacterial capsules do the same thing? What do I eat for this, or that?

I answered these questions individually, but their existence points out the need to me of a larger resource which covers many culinary medical conditions. One resource that was ahead of its time is ChefMD’s Big Book of Culinary Medicine: culinary medicine is now taught in at least a third of U.S. medical schools, and some in the EU and Australia. I’m thrilled it has caught on, and see nature as medicine as an extension of it: more on that to come.  The book is used as a text in a number of medical schools, and I am proud that it has held up well over the years.

While there are excellent websites with strong points of nutritional view (nutritionfactsdotorg is one, for example), I can’t help but feel that not all truth is all plant based, or all animal based. But that there is an individual truth for each of us, and that is worth discovering.

Here is a slideshare of the program: the audio was recorded by MorganStanley, so their associates can listen to it if they were unable to sign in and listen online. Enjoy!


  Cancer, Culinary medicine, Obesity and Weight Loss, Presentations

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