Noni Juice: Liver Trouble from the Rotten-Cheese Fruit

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Sounds fun, Tahitian and grandma-related–juice from noni…
But 3 people have now developed hepatitis, one requiring urgent liver transplantation after drinking less than 2.5 ounces daily for 3 weeks.
These are not people who were reported to be drinking alcohol. But at least two were immunosuppressed and one of those had also taken a Chinese patent medicine, which are notoriously impure.
The French Agency for the Medical Safety of Food suggests people have no more than 1 ounce daily.
Good advice–the primary traditional use of noni is topical, not internal.
And the juice comes from a tropical fruit, morinda, which smells badly.
Go traditional–stay away from noni if your immune system is not strong, or if you have liver problems.