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New Prevention Data: Vitamin D Slows Breast Cancer Progression

By DrLaPuma 13 years agoNo Comments
Home  /  Cancer  /  New Prevention Data: Vitamin D Slows Breast Cancer Progression
Dr John La Puma

Food is good medicine, and can be good information.

A new study of over 500 women with breast cancer (early, local and advanced) finds that those with early breast cancer had much, much higher levels of vitamin D than local or advanced.

How? Vitamin D helps the proofreader gene in your body. The proofreader gene catches mistakes your body makes as your cells divide. And breast cancer cell division is a mistake.

Vitamin D and breast cancer. If you live north of a line drawn between Norfolk Virginia and San Jose California, you probably need the correct, most active Vitamin D supplement–Vitamin D3, at least in the Fall and Winter, to activate Vitamin D in your body.

In the Fall and Winter, the sun just isn’t strong enough to convert it. Other seasons, you need about 15 minutes of sun on your arms daily.

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