How Fruit Works Against Cancer: The Case of Smoking

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Bladder cancer risk factors are smoking, dyes, schistosomiasis and chemical exposure.

But fruit can cut the risk of bladder cancer in smokers.

In a study of 178 cases, Belgian researchers found that for people who had bladder cancer who had ever smoked, how much fruit they ate lowered their risk–the more the better.

Why? Fruit antioxidants “may protect against the damage caused by free radicals found in cigarette smoke.”

Fruit high in antioxidants: plums, blueberries and dried fruits, especially prunes. These data are part of a research database on antioxidants.

Over 55,000 new cases of bladder cancer occur every year in the U.S. and 25% of them are fatal. Men get it three times as often as women, especially over age 60, especially white men. It is a preventable disease!