Colorectal-Cancer Prevention: Why Men Should, Even More Than Women

Topics: Cancer, Vitamins and Supplements, Wellness and Health

Colon cancer doesn’t sound pretty, and it isn’t. Katie Couric did more for screening than all Hemoccult cards doctors have ever handed out (I have patients who have used them as coasters).

And a new study of nearly 3000 men with cancer shows that advanced colon cancer is almost twice as common in 50 to 66 year olds than those under 50. And much, much higher in men than in women.

What can you do to prevent it? Here’s the nutrition medicine:
1. Learn your colon cancer risk, by the Harvard numbers.
2. Drop the red meat: Eat less than 1 serving (4 ounces) of red meat daily.
3. Eat at least 3 servings of vegetables daily, especially cruciferous vegetables
4. Get enough folate, or folic acid: 800 mcg daily: it helps to keep cells in your colon from turning cancerous. Folate is vitamin B9 and is in most multivitamins and many cereals.
5. Take 162 milligrams of aspirin daily, or as little as two tablets weekly, the cheapest you can find–it dissolves quickest: it will reduce your risk of polyps by 25 percent. Two aspirin daily works even better.

And, lose weight: trim men have less colon cancer than overweight men. See your doctor.