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Why You Should Go Outside

This week’s video is all about Nature Deficit Disorder. But some of you might be asking, just what exactly is nature deficit disorder? How do you catch it? Do you have it right now?! The bad news is, if you live in or near a city, you’ve got Nature Deficit Disorder.

3 More Natural Solutions to Anxiety

A few weeks back I shared a list of three great natural ways to reduce stress and anxiety to complement my video interview with med student Brookes Regenhardt about her story of overcoming stress and anxiety through hiking. Today I’m sharing part two of our fascinating interview — along with

Why Nature Sounds Are Good For Us

Babbling brooks, twittering birds, rustling leaves… these are just a few of the wonderful sounds that nature can bring us. Maybe even just thinking about the rush of the ocean waves or the sound as the breeze moves through tall grass has already gotten you feeling a little bit more

7 Ways the Use of Hydrotherapy Reduces Stress

I think it’s fair to say that most of us would love to learn more natural, simple ways to reduce our stress! Might I suggest looking into hydrotherapy? Hydrotherapy (or “water cure”) refers to the therapeutic use of water to stimulate the body’s healing force. Many beneficial changes take place

3 Reasons to Get Close to a Tree

Who doesn’t love a good tree? We can climb them, sit under their shade, and enjoy their beauty as they change throughout the seasons. We see and pass by a lot of trees in our lives as we walk down shaded streets, hang out in the park, or even tend

How to Get the Benefits of Exercising in Nature

By now, you’ve probably heard the news (unless you’ve been living under a rock): exercise is good for you! And if you’re a regular on this blog, you’ll also know that nature is good for you too. (That’s what ecomedicine is all about!) So it might not surprise you to

What is Regenerative Agriculture?

You’ve probably heard of sustainable agriculture. But have you heard of regenerative agriculture? Welcome to another installment in my “What is EcoMedicine?” series, part of my goal to create a compendium of well-researched scientific blogs on the various kinds of ecomedicine out there. Since there are so many kinds of

Digital Distraction: 3 Reasons To Ditch The Phone and Get Outside

Digital addiction is a real thing — and something those of us who grew up without connected devices would have never imagined. Sit inside and stare at a screen alone rather than play outside with our friends? Not in a million years. But babies entering the world today may see

3 Health Benefits of the Ocean

Growing up in Santa Barbara, I’ve loved the ocean my whole life. But it was only as an adult that I realized that — just like the ocean itself — there was more going on under the surface than I thought! If you also feel more relaxed or happy in

8 Simple Ways to Help The Earth—And Yourself—Stay Healthy

While there are many opinions about climate change and how best to live our lives, prosper and care for the environment, no one can argue we have seen an increase in wildfires, hurricanes and wacky weather. While it’s hard to sift through all the information out there, here are 8

What is Makrut Lime (Thai Limes)?

Makrut lime (citrus hystrix), the fragrant, powerful and easy to grow citrus tree, has many medicinal and culinary uses.  Also known as “kaffir lime”, that name is controversial: “Kaffir” means infidel in Arabic, from “kafara”; “kaffir” word is used by white Afrikaners as a pejorative for Black people. The tree

3 Reasons Why Forest Bathing is Good for Your Health

You might have heard about forest bathing before and know that it’s supposed to be good for your health — but you might feel a little in the weeds on the particulars. Why is forest bathing is good for your health? How, exactly, is walking around a bunch of trees