Would You Like PCBs with Your Salmon? Stores Say Wild, but Tests Say Farm Bred: How Do You Tell?

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Wild Salmon

Wild Salmon sold in 8 New York City markets turned out to be actually farm-bred in 7 of them. What’s so bad? Farmed salmon can be high in the carcinogenic PCBs and chemical pollutants. Is it worth increasing that risk? Not if you’re not accurately informed, and can’t make a good choice.

How can you tell what’s wild, without measuring astaxanthin (a pink carotenoid) yourself? Nearly all canned salmon is wild Alaskan. The wild salmon season is April through October:

  • think of salmon season like that of above-the-ground vegetables in a four season U.S. climate
  • Buy direct from the fisherman: Try www.vitalchoice.com, for example. http://www.vitalchoice.com/