Mercury in Fish: Which Fish Have It? How Much Is Too Much?

Topics: Aging and Costs of Aging

A new report by the nonprofit Mercury Project shows test results from canned tuna purchased from Whole Foods (sometimes known as Whole Paycheck), Trader Joe’s, Safeway and others. Picked up by USA Today, the Project tested Bumblebee, Chicken of the Sea, and other brands.

One out of 20 cans had higher than safe amounts of mercury. Symptoms of mercury poisoning include depression, fatigue, memory loss, confusion, tremors, metallic tastes and hair loss. It’s more common than thought–Dr. Hightower in San Francisco recently checked mercury levels in her medical practice, and found some people who eat swordfish and ahi regularly with symptoms, which resolved when taken off the fish.

Women who are pregnant or lactating should avoid canned albacore. And anyone else who wants to avoid accumulating the neurotoxin should take a pass on these fish as well. Read more about the FDA recommendations here.