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Transform Your Life With What You Eat And How You Live! Let Food and Nature Be Your Medicine Too! Transform Your Life With What You Eat And How You Live!

Make your life easier, healthier and more fun!

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Weekly Wows, Healthy Bites and a FREE bonus” of A Green Rx: How to use Nature to look better, feel less stressed, and be healthier and happier…and heal the planet at the same time!

Dr John La Puma

Food & Nature as Medicine, Too

Dr. John La Puma MD is the leading physician voice for culinary medicine and ecomedicine as part of your personal medical health, and an internationally recognized expert in nutrition and well-being. Dr La Puma is a board-certified specialist in internal medicine, a professionally trained chef, and an urban organic farmer. He is also a New York Times best-selling author twice, has lectured on culinary medicine at TEDMED and TEDx, and on ecomedicine at the University of Chicago and Harvard University,

Dr. John believes that both food and nature are information for the body and the brain. The right foods, beverages, outdoor activities, and nature-based solutions can help you reboot your brain and your health. Both food and nature are restorative, powerful, underutilized therapeutic tools in medicine.

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Dr John La Puma


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Did you know people who spent time outside during the pandemic felt less anxious than those who were housebound? Could that have been the 20 million new gardens that were planted and harvested? Could you have one next year? Yes you can! In this gardening guide, we’ll go over what

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The fountain of youth is found outdoors. Nature experience in specific doses and places can add years to your life and life to your years, according to recent research. Check out five ways nature might help you live longer–and better! Lower risk of cancer One of the biggest causes of death

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As the weather gets frightful, the indoors become so delightful. But colder temperatures don’t have to mean you retreat from nature. These six easy ways to stay healthy will help you make the most of nature during the colder months. If you want more ideas, download my free guide to

What Is Wilderness Medicine In Cold Climates?

Many people are exchanging vacations on a tour bus for more adventurous ones, such as climbing Mt. Rainier or scaling a glacier in New Zealand. While this is a great way for adventurous tourists to deepen their connection to nature, it can also lead to more serious injuries, especially in

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Dr. John is the author or co-author of seven books. Several are used as textbooks at great academic institutions worldwide, and three have been New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestsellers. Most recently, he writes and speaks about how to use meals to lower cholesterol and control diabetes, and about how the power to opt outside can improve your medical health.



While Dr. John did not invent food as medicine, he pioneered and popularized culinary medicine in a popular culinary medicine book, and on national cable and network television as ChefMD®.  His invited presentations often include cooking demonstrations, culinary insights, and medicinal plants and herbs.



Dr. John is board-certified in internal medicine. He writes both recipes and pharmaceuticals on prescription slips.  He also advocates for health related causes, including food security, pollinator protection and animal adoption and welfare.

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